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This Winery’s Ads Poke Fun at Snobbery While Showing How Serious It Is About Sustainability


This Winery’s Ads Poke Fun at Snobbery While Showing How Serious It Is About Sustainability

To all the wine snobs out there: everyone laughs at your labored and ridiculous descriptions of that glass of pinot noir you’re drinking, with its “playful top notes” and “hint of raked leaves.”

Bonterra Organic Vineyards takes direct aim at this ripe-for-parody practice in a long-form ad, with characters sipping, swishing and raving about the wine’s “big ethically farmed finish” and “ancient farming techniques.”

“The nose on this is biodiversity,” says one woman, though the actual flavor is closer to bright cherry, raspberry and toasted oak since she’s drinking the brand’s cabernet sauvignon. 

Titled “Tastes like saving the planet,” the campaign is the first work for the California wine from agency Humanaut, which has finely honed its cheeky approach to earth-friendly and better-for-you brands via work for clients like Organic Valley, Suja and Merryfield

The 90-second hero spot, as well as shorter versions, lean into Bonterra’s sustainable ethos and environmental credibility, but with a wink. After all, oenophiles won’t buy it just because the vineyard uses sheep to weed its fields. They’ll pick it up because, as one character says, “This shit is good.”

“Research indicates that consumers are more receptive when branded communications about sustainability and climate-focused topics incorporate humor, and this inspired us to develop something unique,” said Rodrigo Maturana, the brand’s vp of marketing.
“The new campaign allows us to make meaningful connections with the many wine fans who care about the environment and also appreciate a lighthearted approach.”

The campaign, targeting organic food fans, launched this month on YouTube and Hulu and on social media and digital programmatic video.


Agency: Humanaut U.S.

Chief creative director: David Littlejohn
Chief strategy officer: Andrew Clark
Creative directors: Nathan Dills, Russell Dodson
Executive producers: Dan Jacobs, Tommy Wilson
Account director: Deborah Riley Draper
Brand producers: Maggie Bayham, Fritsl Butler
Copywriters: Nathan Dills, Russell Dodson, Austin Howe
Senior art director: Carrie Warren
Art director: Steven Preisman
Senior designer: Jen Rezac
Designer: Coleson Amon
Production: Humanaut
Director: Dan Jacobs
Producer: Tommy Wilson
Assistant director: Alvaro Donado
Director of photography: Jordan Berger / Deer Run Media
Post Producer: Kyler Potter
Editors: Annie Huntington, Victor Tyler
Motion graphics: Coleson Amon, Victor Tyler
Color: Matt Hadley
Audio mix: Daniel Cooper

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